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On databases: B+ trees

Since I have been busy with a new project for school and since it seems promising, let’s talk more about it! As can be guessed by the title it is a database. And as people might know B+ trees are one of the most important parts of a good database. Datastores, key-value stores, relational databases, graph databases all have a B+ tree or at least a B tree. These trees are data structures that are used to store and lookup key values within databases.


URL routing

Ever wondered how packages like flask and express route their URLs to the correct functions, even with properties like wildcards and parameters? In this post I will discuss a solution to this URL routing problem which uses a search algorithm to find the correct route.


Searching made easy

Search problems are one of those problems that every programmer will encounter at least once in his or her life. An important note is that this post will explain search problems, but these are not “how to lookup relative hits in multiple texts” but more “given a map, what is the best route from A to B”. I will discuss search problems in general, Astar and other search algorithms.