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Vincent Hagen



Hi welcome to my website!

I am Vincent Hagen, an enthusiastic senior developer.

Checkout the about page for more information about me. Or check out any of my blogs or projects to see what I am currently working on!

Latest projects


Littledev's IPTools

A small zero dependency package for working with IP (v4/v6) Networks and Addresses. Its main goal was to have 0 something to work on and try out infection while creating a stable zero dependency library takes the heavy lifting for checking if IP addresses are in a network and iterating through networks.


  • PHP


  • PHPUnit
  • Infection


The website you are reading. Written with new technologies I wanted to learn and because I wanted to get rid of WordPress.


  • Typescript
  • SCSS
  • HTML


  • VueJS
  • NuxtJS
  • Tailwindcss
  • Netlify CMS

Latest posts


Tips for Readable code

Have you ever read code from your past self or an open source package and thought "What does this code do?" over and over again? Well you are not alone, but there are things you can do to improve the readability and maintainability without littering the code with pages of documentation comments.