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So this will be my first blog post in which I introduce myself and this blog. At this point I don’t really know how much and how often I will be posting. This is more for me, sharing my daily experiences as a developer, than anything else.

So what about me?

me_ snorkelling
Me snorkelling in Egypt

Well I am Vincent Hagen, as of this moment of writing I study informatics (Computer Science if you will) at the University of Amsterdam and am 21 years old. Programming and developing are my main activities in life, I work as a developer, managing multiple projects and so on. Other than that, I enjoy extreme sports like scuba diving and wakeboarding. Well… that’s in the summer. Here in the Netherlands, in anything other than summer (which really isn’t that long anyway), it’s too cold to do any of that, at least in my opinion.

I started programming when I was about 12 years old. I started with PHP. Before that I had done some HTML and CSS and in the years after that, I did various things. I followed a course in informatics in middle school, where we learned various things, again HTML/CSS/PHP, but also Java and SQL. So yeah, basically, when I went to university I had a little experience, but not that much though. At university, I got a course in Java (again), PHP (again), some other stuff. But then C/C++, Python, and Javascript came along. In a later post I will explain why, but in my opinion these languages are some of the better ones out there. At least for the imperative languages.

And why exactly this blog?

Well I encounter a lot of things within the whole developer/programming thing in my life, so I decided I wanted to share them with more people. It will be mostly about techy, geeky, programming things, but I hope people will enjoy it and maybe take part in some discussions, because most if this will be opinions. And I really like to hear more opinions about my opinions, if that makes any sense.


So why bother you?

Well maybe you like to program, learn something,  read another programmer’s opinion about certain things or maybe you like to discuss some subjects in this blog. As you may have noticed, I really like discussing these things. Discussion is in my opinion the best way to learn from each other and, because everybody has different opinions, these discussions can vary in subject and matter.

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