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Vincent Hagen



Hi welcome to my website!

I am Vincent Hagen, an enthusiastic senior developer.

Checkout the about page for more information about me. Or check out any of my blogs or projects to see what I am currently working on!

Latest project


The website you are reading. Written in NextJS because NuxtJS 2 was becoming outdated while the maintainer hadn't proveded a clear update path from NuxtJS 2 to NuxtJS 3. I already had some experience with NextJS from work projects so translating it was easy enough.



A dutch cooking recipe website for my girlfriend and I. It is Staticly generated with NextJS and it provides a easy way for us to access our cooking recipes.

Latest blogposts


Your own GPON ONT pt. 2

I ran into some issues with the combination of my GPON module and router. In this post I tell you what happened and how I resolved it.


Your own GPON ONT

Running your own network setup can be fun. But this isn't always as straight forward as you might expect. Read more how to hook up the GPON network of your provider to your own gear.